Optimizing organizational performance
by increasing the efficiency of individuals in high-pressure situations.
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Our mission

Our mission is to accompany individuals faced with adversity and equip them with tools that contribute to the development of their resilience and full potential. Individuals learn to surpass themselves and work as a team to accomplish feats they thought impossible.

The Foundation currently pursues initiatives aimed at single-parent families*. Single parents have free access to Challenges based on Smarter, Stronger, Together. These Challenges encourage participants to optimize their lifestyle habits; progress physically and psychologically as a team; and contribute to the development of resilience.


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*A single-parent family is headed by either a single father or mother responsible for one or more children. Single parents live with their children. Therefore, a mother or father who lives with a partner (including de facto unions) or whose children have left home does not constitute single-parent families. Source: Source : Ministry of Family Affairs

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