What if David join forces with Goliath ?

The new Cadillac campaign began a few months ago and is making people curious. The media is sceptical and wonders, promising mottos aside, how the company will actually evolve and “DARE.” This is where Esprit de Corps comes into play !...

24 November 2015
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Walk your talk

The latest in a series of internal leadership programs organized by Esprit de Corps for Esprit de Corps began in August and is preparing all fo the staff to Climb Mt Washington, NH, in early December. ...

10 November 2015

Springtime on your plate: Interview with Olivier Renière

Les beaux jours reviennent. L'occasion pour beaucoup de se remettre au sport et de prendre certaines résolutions du côté de l'assiette. Nous sommes allés à la rencontre du coach et naturopathe Olivier Renière pour recueillir quelques conseils nutrition. ...

11 September 2015

Communauto, a way of working, a way of life

Communauto, a company created in 1994, is a pioneer in its market of offering users car-sharing services. They advocate fundamental values, both on social and environmental levels. The company maintains its creativity so as to continue to perform and separate itself from the competition. ...

11 September 2015

The Story of an Enormously Successful Challenge

The Fondation Esprit de Corps’ Montreal New York City challenge was completed just one month ago. Despite the rainy weather, over 400 people came together at the old port to support the challenge’s 137 runners and 70 volunteers. Upon completing the 609 km, the runners...

2 July 2015