Gautier Da Silva - Director for the Leadership and Team Building Department

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Transmettre l'esprit de corps pour une meilleure performance humaine

Da Silva

Director of production


His mission

«My mission is to conceptualize large innovative projects and to realize them in a creative manner.»

His work team

Michelle Leewarden, Co-director of leadership and team building department

Camille Volante, Co-director of communications

Manuel Ano, video production manager

Pierre Palueau, Assistant to manager of communications

Gautier Da Silva is director for the leadership and team building department at Groupe Esprit de Corps. His studies, which began at a big Business School in the south of France, revealed his passion for great challenges and sense of leadership.

To date, he has accomplished quite a number of physical challenges. The only one remaining incomplete is his crossing the Atlantic five years ago, and he still has no plan to return. He brings genuineness and a passion for surpassing himself to each of Esprit de Corps’ company missions, along with unwavering motivation and a sense of achievement.

Whether it is as a coach outside the office or as Director of his department at the office, he successfully shares his motivation. He has an ambition for always seeing the positive side of any difficult situation. Advocate of a free world, he is incessantly evolving and pushing his own limits as well as those of his collaborators so as to obtain better results.